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There are times in my life, while observing my surroundings, I ask myself...What will come of this world. I ask this of the human condition. Not our health, or ecology, or finance, but rather our general actions. How we look at life, and what's important. I just want to throw my opinion out there and see what trouble I can stir up. Hope you do the same.

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I am not the everyday sort. As you read the posts, you will know all you need to know about me, and somethings you don't. Feel free to leave a responce, but don't try to sell me something, or just try to make me read your blog. I will read yours if you leave a thought prevoking responce. Be nice to me, I will return the favor.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bad breath, and very grumpy.

Last week, I lost a very dear friend. For the better part of eleven years, he was a huge part of my life. He gave me so much more than I could have ever given him. He was grumpy yet cuddly, goofy yet smart, deaf yet aware, loyal yet a loner. For all the years prior to meeting him, I wanted a friend like him, but was not allowed. And although not mine from the start, he became mine at heart. I likened him to Oscar Madison. You couldn't help but love him.

He and I shared a very special bond. Somewhere, in time and space, we were able to transcend what we knew, and share a thought. His thought lead me to him and I brought him home. It's as if I could see through his eyes, and feel the sun on him. He was lost and afraid, and we were lost and afraid without him. He spent his life free from worry, and devoted to few. I can't say how much I loved him, because I still do. I will always hold close to my heart all that he was, and know that he is. I will see him every day, not only when I think of him, but when I see the friends he leaves behind. Love is universal, it does not pass with the ones who pass, but stays and spreads to who remain.

To my friend, whom words will never do justice...I Love You Chopper


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