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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Oprah Meets Katrina

Once again the wonderful Ms. Winfrey has dedicated herself to exploiting the victims of Kartina for the sake of ratings. I have seen many old video clips of Oprah when she was a reporter back in Chicago, and it seems that she is trying to connect to her roots. For a brief few moments yesterday, while surfing thru the channels, I stumbled onto ABC and saw what I thought was a news program. To my dismay, it was the Oprah show. Ms. Winfrey decided that she would bring her "stylist" or who ever the hell he is to the storm aftermath, and throw her considerable weight around. She made it a point to bully her way into the Superdome to "inspect" the carnage. Mind you, she had to be escorted by police and National Guard members. Why? What point did she have to make? How did she intend on helping the homeless, feeding the hungry, consoling families? The point is, she didn't. Her intent was to drum up ratings at the cost of other peoples suffering. While she's touring the devastation, she is taking time from law enforcement officials, who already have enough to do. Look, I appreciate all that some of the celebrities have done in the face of such trauma, but sometimes, a celebrity can do more with a check than they can ever do with a film crew.


Blogger NYARCH said...

Poor Oprah...you seem to really have it out for her....boo hoo hoo

Thu Sep 08, 09:37:00 AM 2005  

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