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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Seat Belts and Helmets

Hello kids!!! Today, is not really a good day for me but I'm here, once again, to share my point of view with who ever might read this. I started this blog as a way to vent some frustration and to better articulate my point of view. I find that writing allows me to delve into a subject more profoundly than speaking. Not that I am the type of person who has a vocal deficiency. Today, I want to get to the subject of seat belts, and helmets. I am both an avid driver and motorcycle rider, so I know from where it is that these thoughts come from.
This past week, while a passenger, I was traveling to the New York State Fair, with my girlfriend, and my best friend and his girlfriend. At one time during the journey, we were pulled over and ticketed for going 85 in a 65. Now, bitch as we might, the officer was in the right. Although traveling at a law breaking,high rate of speed, we were keeping with the flow of traffic. But, safe as we were, speed does kill in many instances, so I have no gripe. Also, it was Pete who got the ticket, so how would you feel.
I give this example of a law because it has it's merits. By traveling at a high rate of speed, you can in fact cause an unintended injury to someone else. However, I have never heard of, read, seen, or had been given an example, where a bystander or fellow motorist was injured or killed by someone who was not wearing a seat belt or a helmet. Nowhere have I ever heard that a driver, while involved in a crash, was propelled out of a windshield, and struck a pedestrian. Nor have I heard where a biker was thrown from his steed, and flew head first into a crowd causing an injury to someone else, where a helmet might have made it better.
My whole reason for this rant is that I believe in every fiber of my body that seat belt and helmet laws are direct threat to our individual rights as free Americans. If I choose not to wear a seat belt, and am injured or killed, it is completely my fault. I may not have caused the accident, but my personal protection is up to me. If I crash on my bike, and my head is ruptured on the curb, I cannot blame the curb. My life, is my freedom. Your life is yours. I do not believe that anything you do, that does not pose a risk to someone else should be regulated by any city, state or federal regulation. Now, I'm not saying that you should take your 3 year old child and toss him into the back of your Hummer2 and let him bounce around the back seat like a beach ball. No, you should be required by law to protect a minor from injury as their life is in your hands. But I believe that once your able to vote, drive, or die for your country, you should be able to make decisions that affect your life and it's continuation.
The whole argument comes down to weather or not we will continue to elect polititians that will pander to insurance companies, who want nothing more than to increase premiums while decreasing payouts. It is the insurance companies behind the lobbies to control your personal behavior. As long as humans are an unpredictable species, they will sponsor laws to limit our freedoms so they can make insurance mandatory for every little aspect of your life. There are so many laws that I can get into, but I will save them for further rants. Most of what will be posted to this web log are unjust issues that most people just accept as a way of life. It is my point of view that unless your hurting or posing a risk to someone else, the government has no right to infringe upon us. Remember this next line, it will give you a clue to an upcoming topic. The people should never fear their government, it is a government that should fear it's people.


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